MacOS version

林一二2024年03月13日 17:17

After extracting the downloaded zip, remember to drag it into the "Applications" folder before using it.

For mac users, you have to manually trust this app, click here to expand details. To fix "This app is broken, you should move it to trash"◀ Since I haven't buy Apple developer key yet, so you have to entrust App to open it. "This app is broken" is a lie, Apple use its monopoly position to force me pay 99$, but I don't want to pay for it, so it lies "This app is broken".

For intel user, first of all, you need to drag this App into Applications folder! Otherwise there will be an error.

Click "Cancel" ↓

Click "Open" ↓ Click "OK" ↓

For M1 M2 users, Another way to go about allowing the installation

1. Open "" and enter the command: sudo spctl --master-disable. 2. Open the system Settings -> Security -> Allow applications downloaded from any source in the following location 3. Move the installation package to "Applications". 4. 4. Enter the command: sudo xattr -d /Applications/ and enter your computer's password as required by Apple. 5. Re-click on to open it.

Mac command line user

brew install TidGi # Not tested